Steel Sliding Fire Windows

3/4 Hr. Fire Rated – I.C.B.O. Approved


  • Spring Activated Automatic Closures
  • 1/4″ Polished Wire
  • Nail-On or Masonry Type Frames
  • Munting For Glass Not Exceeding 720 sq/in.

Fire resistant rating of 45 minutes in wall construction of masonry, wood or steel studs per report number 2781, as tested under fire tests of window assemblies, A.S.T.M.E. 163-65 and National Fire Protection Association number 257-70.

Windows are manufactured with an automatic closing device. A spring actuated closer which operates with a 160 degree fusible link mounted on the interior side of the frame.

Material: Frame and sash members shall be fabricated of 16 gauge cold rolled steel, formed and assembled with 12 gauge gussets and 16 gauge angles. Material complies with ASTM A366.

Weatherstripping: Sliding sash panel shall be fully weatherstripped with silicone treated wool pile or equivalent and vinyl. Fixed panel is bed in sealed to insure full perimeter weather seal.

Finish: All steel frame and sash members shall be furnished with a primer coat on all surfaces, (Optional White or Bronze Finish) conforming to Underwriters Laboratory specifications.

Glazing: Windows to be factory glazed with clear 1/4″ wire glass or 3/16″ clear firelite. Lites to have minimum of 24 gauge wire with maximum opening of one square inch per Underwriters Laboratory. Individual lites of glass shall not exceed 720 square inches each. Glass complies with ANSI Z97.1 and ASTM C1036.

Hardware: Sliding panels shall be furnished with a positive latching 1/8″ thick steel latch, which is attached to the bottom rail. It engages on a 1/4″ thick keeper that is surface mounted to the sill member. A spring actuated automatic closing device used in conjunction with a 160 degree fusible link assembly mounted on the unit. This assembly functions as a self closing latch.

Optional Screen: Screen shall be fabricated from 5/16″ x 5/8″ tubular rolled formed aluminum sections. Screen cloth shall be 18 x 16 aluminum mesh. Screen shall be fixed mounted to the interior of the window frame through the use of aluminum spring clips. When in place, the screen shall not interfere with the operation of the sliding panel or impede water drainage from the sill.

Installation: The installer shall set out all window frames in a level, plumb and square conditioned without distortion. Units shall be promptly caulked, flashed and anchored in accordance with good window installation practice.

Download Fire Window CAD File