How to Order

When you place an order or request pieces, there are several items we must know to provide you with the proper product and the right price. Please check the following items carefully so that we may serve you better.

What series window or type of product do you need? Refer to our catalogue or price list for Stock No’s.

Provide us with the dimensions of width and height of each window.

List each of your requirements for Type of Lock, Finish, Glass:

Standard Lock:
Standard Lock
Screw/Pin Lock
Key Lock
Standard Finish:
204R-1 Clear Aluminum
Medium Bronze
Dark Bronze
Baked Enamel
Frames Only
Vinyl For _______________
DSB Glass
1/4″ Plate
3/16″ Crystal Glas
1/4″ Wire Glass
1/8″ Plexiglass
1/4″ Plexiglass
1/4″ Lexan
1/4″ Tempered

If you require custom counters or special “Bullet Resistant” items, we will require a dimensioned drawing or sketch.
Just FAX it!