Nissen & Company

Specializing in:

Sliding Service Windows


Sliding Service Windows for exterior and interior application.

  • Series BP & BPS Windows
  • Series C Windows
  • Series C, CS and D Windows with Sash Balances
  • Series CS Windows (with screens)
  • Series D Windows
  • Series E, ET & G Windows
  • Series EI Insulated Glass Windows
  • Series F Windows
  • Series H Windows

Bullet Resistant and Cashier Windows


Factory assembled bullet resistant level I & III high security application.

  • Factory Assembled Cashier Windows
  • Factory Assembled Ticket Windows
  • Nissen Night Registration Window
  • Nissen Rotating Shelf/Window

Slide Out Drawers and Trays


Slide out drawers and trays are especially useful at banks and service stations.

  • Coin & Cash Tray
  • Deal Drawers
  • Transaction Drawer

Ticket Windows

  • Ticket Window
  • Ticket Window (Round)

Cashier Doors and Mail Slots


Mail slots for use in 1/4″ glazed doors.

  • Cashier / Utility Doors
  • Mail Slots

Speak Holes


For 1/4″, 1/2″ Plate Glass, 1 3/4″ Wood or Steel Doors

Steel Sliding Fire Windows


Sliding fire windows 3/4 hour ICC and fire marshall rated. Available in 3/16 clear firelite or 1/4″ polished wire.